Full-Body Wellness Through

Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Why us?

We are a community and veterans’ resource center that uses a holistic approach to health and wellness offering diverse modalities in physical, mental, and nutritional health in both clinical (under construction ~ coming soon) and post-clinical environments. Our passion is to help others achieve their health and wellness goals by combining traditional and nontraditional physical, mental, and spiritual healing modalities for the improvement of human performance, functional movement, mobility, range of motion, flexibility, resilience, stability, active recovery, and physical and mental optimization through individual sessions, group classes, and workshops for the Hampton Roads communities in a comprehensive (currently nonclinical) healing space. There are multiple options available for health and wellness growth, as well as personal and professional development.

All are welcome, no matter your fitness level. The programming available at the Tactical Health & Wellness Center is developed around this concept and at our current stage of development and expansion would serve as an alternative fitness modality to the traditional, hard-core, and hard-charging HIIT. We do NOT use machines and use minimal equipment (balance balls, yoga blocks, and resistance bands). Do NOT misunderstand, you will work hard, and you WILL sweat. The process will just be lighter on your joints and spine, with more focus on structure, core, posture and mental freedom, clarity, and balancing your energy.

The Hampton Roads area has one of the largest populations of military, veterans, first responders, and their families. This community serves selflessly in the protection and safety of not only the Hampton Roads communities but also our nation. It is our honor to serve this community, to ensure they are in the right frame of mind and state of being to perform at their most optimal levels while maintaining mental clarity and acuity.

How May We Help You?

The Center offers a variety of group classes and workshops on different healing modalities and health awareness, combining traditional fitness and nutrition with non-traditional energy and sound healing, as well as healing time on the BioMat. Our leaders, instructors, facilitators, and healers are all certified and bring years of experience and knowledge in their respective modalities. Additionally, they offer individual sessions as well, upon request.

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